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Buy Rainbow Runtz Strain Online

Buy Rainbow Runtz strain online from Runtz official website online Dispensary in california usa shipping to all 50 states and worldwide. As many people came with the runtz we made our own version of that strain.
It is our rainbow candy ( zkittlez x dosidos x zkittlez) combined with our gelato 41.
As these two strains are faboulus on their own, you can imagine the result of this blend.
An oasis of terpenes that tikkles the senses.
THC dripping flowers that are rockhard and smelling like a walk through a tropical dream.
The flavour is to be described as candy, fruits and icecream all mixed together.
It grows to an average height and is medium wide with some good sidebranches.
Finishing after 9 weeks of bloom you can expect some of them to turn pink and violet.

What is Rainbow Runtz?

It’s a cross of Runtz and Rainbow Sherbert. Personally the Rainbow Runtz is more memorable to me than the Runtz strain but that’s just me, aight.

Everyone is different when it comes to bud, sometimes what hits one person well is different for another person.

Rainbow Runtz 23.86 THC 8/19/21 Cultivator: Columbia Care/Triple 777

Four gorgeous nuggets, nice resinous cure, absolutely caked is rich amber trichomes. A very fruity aroma of cherry, blue fruits, sweet melon and citrus with a spicy herbal quality. The taste is similar, but is also quite gassy and spicy. At different points, you will taste many of the different Runtz candy flavors. A “terp” explosion. The high is very strong, almost narcotic, and very complete, felt both physically and with a strong cerebral buzz. Moderately euphoric, with a nice reduction in anxiety. Despite its strength, it provides a reasonably functional high,that is neither energetic or sedating.

Taste:9.5 Aroma:9.5 Bud Quality/Curing: 10.0 Terpene: 9.5/10 High: 9.75 Overall: 98/100


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